Composer, orchestrator and sound artist, Isabel Royán was born in Málaga, where she obtained her Music Composition Degree from the Conservatory of Málaga, as well as a Professional Piano degree and a degree in Communication (Journalism) from the University of Málaga. She obtained Suma Cum Laude with her final composition project Tríptico, a concert work for alto saxophone and symphonic orchestra.

She has received specialized training in film scoring at Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program (Seattle Film Institute, Washington), under the guidance of the awarded composer Hummie Mann, among others. She has also a Master’s Degree in Composition for Media and Video Games (Katarina Gurska Center, Madrid) and a Master’s Degree in Musical Heritage/Ethnomusicology and Flamenco Music (International University of Andalucía). She obtained Suma Cum Laude in both master’s dissertations.

She has enhanced her music profile through several courses about media composition, film theory, audio production, audio implementation for video games, conducting, orchestrating, analysis, piano and pedagogics, having Norman Ludwin, Eva Gancedo and Fernando Velázquez as a mentors, among others.

Her concert works include solo, chamber and orchestral music, as well as electroacoustic pieces and live electronics creations. Focusing on her music for media, she had composed scores not only for fiction and documentary films, series, short-films and games, but also for ballets, advertising, books, educational materials, web sites, video art and collections of paintings.

She has been nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards in 2017 for El glóbulo de Bok (Best Original Creation) and La Verónica (Best Original Music for Short Film). She had also two nominations at the FIMUCINEMA Awards 2021 for her music for Paraíso en llamas (Goya Awards 2021) (Best Music for Documentary Film) and La pequeña Leona (Best Music for Short Film). Also her work for El Secreto de Lucía has been nominated for the Actrum Awards 2021 (Best Original Soundtrack). She had also a nomination for the PlayStation Talents Contest 2017 for her work in the video game Night and Day. In 2016, she was nominated for Paula, by Ikigai Play, for the category of Best Score for Video Game at the Jerry GoldSmith Awards edition. She also has composed music for a NoObo Games project, which won the Idea Game Jam Award 2019, a prize granted by AEVI (Video Games Spanish Association).

Royán is also a frequent contributor to several specialized publications as Melómano, Sul Ponticello, OpusMúsica and Intermezzo. She currently teaches composition and musical analysis in Manuel Carra Professional Conservatory of Music (Málaga, Spain), besides her activity as speaker in courses and meetings about music in entities as U-TAD University, AMEE and several institutions.